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Students and Graduates

Early preparation for placement season

Get access to industry relevant tips and techniques to ace interviews

Get a taste of a role so you can make better career choices early on and can pursue the right path for yourself

Learn industry specific terms, processes, and ideas

Get access to Resume Creation Tool, Excel practice, etc. to help you ace your interviews

MBA and PGDM Students

Prepare for the placement season early on     

Understand industries in depth with our industry reports

Get a taste of a role so you can make better career choices early on and can pursue the right path for yourself

Easy access to tools like Resume Creation Tool, Excel Practice, and much more on the same platform

Learn the case method used in top companies 

Mid Career Professionals

Prepare for your career transition easily

Understand the case interview method used in top companies

Get a taste of what your new role will entail

Learn industry relevant knowledge, terms, and other things you will need on the job

Get access to the latest tools like Resume Enhancement Tool, Excel Practice, and much more!

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Eve Offers

Practice anytime, anywhere you want to just needs 1 hour each day.

Access to AI case Coach

No more looking for interview preparation partners. Eve is available anytime you want to practice an interview problem.

100+ Exclusive Case Studies

You will get to practice 100+ hand-picked cases across 25+ roles and 50+ industries.

25+ Video Lessons

Exclusive lessons covering the key business concepts you will need in any interview.

AI Resume Tool

Get personalised resume feedback for crafting the perfect resume for shortlists.

Personalised case feedback

Get personalised feedback from Eve on each of your attempt to help you analyse where to improve.


After completing the course you will get a certificate from PracticeWithEve that you can add to your CV and showcase on your LinkedIn.

Our Principles


We know that vital few factors drive the majority of results. Thus, we teach problem-solving by focusing on key issues or drivers.

This shows you on how to deal with high pressure situations and questions thrown at you during interviews by helping you focus on what is important.

This leads to better time management, more relevant responses, and helps you gain confidence.

Spaced learning

How often have you taken an online course and remembered every piece of information you consumed afterwards?
Probably never.

That is why we have designed our platform using 2R framework = Repetition + Reflections

Our approach ensures that you maximise the learning from the platform and the knowledge you gained stays with you.

Applied practise

The platform is built around applying what you learn, instead of just mugging up theoretical knowledge. This is essential for cracking interviews.

We prioritize hands-on learning to bridge the gap between theory and practice, allowing participants to actively apply their knowledge and skills.

You questions, we have the answers

if you can’t find answers to the question below, please get in contact with us today

No! You can be a rookie or an expert, practicewitheve gives you the platform to up your case solving game and help prepare better for upcoming management consulting interviews

It depends on the person practicing and varies individual to individual. Eve can help you understand if you need more practice in certain kinds of cases or if you are doing well in other types. You can then choose which case types you need to solve more from our case library.

It is recommended that you practice atleast 2 cases per week and time yourself to see better results Practicewitheve comes with a holistic case library and is self paced in nature.

Often, consulting aspirants across the world – rely on their peers to practice cases. However, with the lack of efficient peer group to practice and a lack of feedback, many aspirants report to not getting any guidance on how to prepare better and efficiently. Our AI backed platform – practicewitheve helps students eliminate the effort of finding the right case parter with Eve’s smart inputs and hints. The platform also helps you with immediate feedback in the form of reflection document that points out the errors and learnings at each stage of the case.

We’re excited that you want to share the experience forward. We are currently working on a solid referral program for you and your buddies. Stay tuned, coming soon!

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